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[Обсуждение новости об устанавливающейся вместе с µTorrent программой для майнинга Litecoin]

1: In every EULA (end user licensing agreement) there is things like this just to prevent these companies from being sued. For example, a laptop company was sued because a person was electrocuted by lightning while using his laptop under a tree. Now there EULA includes things like "using under a tree may make you prone to electrocution by lightning and this is not our fault" in less laymans terms of course. This is a very normal thing, dont worry your computers are safe.

2: it's a disclaimer. it doesn't mean your computer will likely die. Opera software, when it had been presto engine said about black magic and your computer might turn into a fish...that or I had dreamt that, I don't remember...regardless, it's a disclaimer, it doesn't make it true....

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